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A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is neither Science nor Art yet combines features of both. Mathematics is more rigorous than any Science yet requires the creativity of an artist. What is A Level Mathematics? – You must do it in order to find out! Mathematics is not a Science – but some knowledge of Mathematics is necessary for the study of any of the Sciences – as well as for subjects such as Economics and Psychology. So Mathematics is perhaps the most useful subject that you can study.   In Mathematics we study abstract concepts such as number and shape, and we justify our results through calculation and proof rather than (as in the sciences) through experiment. This means that ability in Mathematics requires not only numerical and algebraic skills, but also a combination of imagination and logical thinking. Hence the study of Mathematics is at the same time a more general training in thinking; it teaches you to be rigorous in method, to be aware of your presuppositions, and to be imaginative or ‘lateral’ in seeking alternative ways of approaching a problem. This particular benefit of a mathematical training is universally recognised and is one reason why universities place such value upon Mathematics A Level, quite independently of its direct application to the course you may choose to study.

What is Mathematics at Blackwater Academy?

There are 3 main areas in Mathematics at A Level:


Pure Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus (Differentiation and Integration and their applications.)

Mechanics: Application of Newtonian ideas to describe and predict real world situations; the main topics being Kinematics, Statics and Dynamics.

Statistics: Representation and analysis of data, including Probability, Probability Distributions, Linear Correlation and Linear Regression.

At Blackwater Academ we follow the Edexcel specification to study A Level Mathematics, which consists of 6 units. At AS Level, students study two units of Pure Mathematics (C1 & C2) and one unit of Statistics (S1). At A2 Level, students go on to study two further units of Pure Mathematics (C3 & C4) and one unit of Mechanics (M1). For most students the study of these 6 units will take place over two years. Those students who decide to study A Level Further Mathematics will normally complete A Level Mathematics in their first year and go on to study a further six units (three Pure and three Applied) in their second year.sions tutors and employers alike

How is it assessed?

Both A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematicss consist of 6 units of equal weighting in the final grade. Each unit is assessed by an external exam of 90 minutes.


 Unit Name          AS Weighting              A Level Weighting

Core 1                     33.3%                                16.6%

Core 2                    33.3%                                16.6%

Statistics 1              33.3%                               16.6%

Core 3                                                              16.6%

Core 4                                                             16.6%

Mechanics 1                                                   16.6%

A Level Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics students joining in the Lower Sixth will complete 6 units in their first year (C1, C2, C3, C4, S1, M1), leading to an A Level Mathematics qualification, and six units in their second year (FP1, FP2, FP3, S2, M2, S3 or D1), leading to an A Level Further Mathematics qualification.

What do I need?

An enthusiasm for the subject, a strong work ethic, an interest in problem solving, good algebraic skills, an ability to comprehend abstract concepts and think logically, and a willingness to work independently while seeking guidance from the teacher where necessary. It is also essential that you should have a proven background in Mathematics, such as a GCSE Mathematics grade B or higher

Good subject combinations

If you are thinking of studying Mathematics, Physics or Engineering courses at university, then you will be required to have A Level Mathematics and sometimes A Level Further Mathematics. For other courses such as Economics, Business Studies or Medicine, an A Level in Mathematics is desirable, especially when applying to some of the leading UK universities.

After Blackwater Academy

Mathematics is a diverse discipline with application to technology (including computing), to the Natural World, to human behaviour and to social systems. In almost any career you choose you are almost certain to meet Mathematics at some stage. A Level Mathematics is therefore highly valued by employers as well as being a formal requirement for many university courses. A good pass at A Level Mathematics will be looked on very favourably by universities even if Mathematics is not directly related to your chosen course.


Q: Can I do A Level Mathematics in one year?   A: Yes, you can. Students intending to do A Level Further Mathematics will be required to do A Level Mathematics in their first year. There is also an option of doing A Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics in 18 months.

A-level entry requirements

To study A Levels, your current or pending exam results should be equivalent to or higher than GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) in at least 5 subjects and a minimum level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.0. At the start of each academic year of study students following an A-Level course without a pass at grade C in GCSE or IGCSE English Language or with an Academic English score below 6.5 overall must join an Academic English training course for the duration of the academic year which will be timetabled alongside A-Level lessons. If your level of English is not sufficient to meet the entry criteria for the A-Level programme, the Blackwater Academy Pre A-Level course is a specially designed programme of up to 3 years duration leading to completion of your A-Level examinations.



      I wished I had learnt of this place sooner. 


— Rose from Moseley-Birmingham



       I travelled from Windsor to come to Blackwater Academy for tutoring in mathematics and economics. Mr. Adams made it very easy for me as lessons were pre planned and focused on my weak areas

-Danyal, Windsor



    Simon changed the way I looked at Chemistry A level, making it easier for me to understand and very concise

Sahrish, Erdington-Birmingham



      Has worked wonders for my son, he has become confident in his abilities across the curriculum

— Julia, Edgbaston-Birmingham

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