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The purpose of our therapy walk with Mr Knight is for him to know about our lives outside school and he is a very good listener.


Today we went to the Cube in Birmingham, I've never been there so it was a nice experience. Mr Knight usually asks us questions about our lives and how it's going.

When we arrived at the Cube we went to the heights on floor 25 and no matter how much Mr Knight tried to convince me to take a look down, I refused until he promised to hold me, even though I wouldn't properly take a look.


After that, we went to the BBC studios. I've never been there and I was fascinated to see how amazing it was large and spacious. We explored the place and saw some nice antiques. There was a Doctor Who police box and I was going to go in

but it was locked so I couldn't go in and I was a bit disappointed but we still took a picture next to it.

On our way back we saw the weather forecaster, Zahra and we took a picture with her. We also saw the table and it was the same table that was being used in the Commonwealth Games and it looked highly sophisticated.


We wrapped up our therapy walk with Mr Knight and left the place. It was an enjoyable walk and it helped me a lot because it helps Mr Knight know more about us so he can help us with the information he knows.

Written by AO - Student 

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