Private tuition
Private tuition

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A level GCSE 11+
A level GCSE 11+

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Full time education
Full time education

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Private tuition
Private tuition

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Parent School Partnership


Parents are a vital part of the partnership that help pupils develop and get the most from their time at Future First Independent.

We are passionate here about realising the potential of every single young person in our care. We will make it happen by quickly establishing every child’s talents, strengths and needs, and by tailoring our teaching to cater for individuals. Once entrusted with the education of your child, we take our responsibility to nurture their potential very seriously.




All pupils are required to bring their own basic stationary such as: pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and sharpener. They must also maintain their own books and folders. This encourages self discipline.


Dress Code -Boys and Girls

Blackwater Academy doesn't have a dress code and encourages student self expression. The students however are required to make sure their attire is suitable for purpose and respects the school environment and school ethos. 

Visiting the School

The school has an ‘open door policy’ and encourages visits from parents/ carers and referring agencies. Our supportive staff will endeavour to respond to all enquiries as promptly as possible.  Student review days are held twice a year where all parents/ carers and referrers are invited to attend to discuss the progress each young learner has made.

The School Day


Term Dates

Autumn 2021

Monday 6 September - Friday 22 October

(Half Term:Mon 25th Oct - Fri 29th Oct)

Mon 1stNovember - Wed 15th December

(Term Holiday: Thu 19th Dec - 3rd Jan)

Spring Term 2022

Tue 4th January - Fri 18th February

(Half Term: 21st Feb - Fri 25th Feb)

Monday 28th February -Wed 6th April

(Term Holiday: Th 7th Apr - Fri 22nd Apr)


Summer Term 2022

Mon 25th April - Fri 27th May

(Half Term: Mon 30th May - Fri 3rd June)

Mon 6th June - Th 21st July