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Private tuition

A level GCSE 11+
A level GCSE 11+

Full time education
Full time education

Private tuition
Private tuition


About Us


It is our belief that every individual has been gifted with immense talents. Our aim is to help young people identify their strengths and support them to access the opportunities available to work towards a brighter future. Established in 2015, our main objective is to empower the young, nurturing their individual talent and building upon their strengths with a view to also helping families and the wider community.


Our on-going commitment to raising standards for our young people is based upon the ideology of providing a holistic learning environment to meet their growing needs. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum designed to cater for the needs of all our young people.


Staff have high expectations from all our learners with the emphasis placed on building positive relationships with them. Ensuring the young people feel safe is the foundation of our success. A wide range of extracurricular activities including trips and outbound excursions all form an essential part of our school experience. Through our robust self-development and outbound education programs we aim to provide our young people with opportunities and experiences that will empower them to make a positive contribution to society. We are proactive in ensuring the involvement from parents and carers.


We look forward to your child becoming a member of our school community and taking full advantage of the opportunities available. We promise to help your child make academic progress and ensure post 16 objectives including reintegration into mainstream education or further education and employment are achieved.

Blackwater Academy belieives it is your education and it should be taught your way.

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Term Dates


Autumn 2020

Tue 1st September - Fri 23rd October

(Half Term:Mon 26th Oct - Fri 30th Oct)

Mon 2th November - Fri 18th December

(Term Holiday: Thu 19th Dec - Fri 1st Jan)

Spring Term 2020

Mon 4th January - Fri 12th February

(Half Term: Thu 15th Feb - Fri 19th Feb)

Monday 22nd February -Thu 1st April

(Term Holiday: Fri 2nd Apr - Fri 16th Apr)


Summer Term 2020

Mon 19th April - Fri 28th May

(Half Term: Mon 31st May - Fri 4th June)

Mon 7th June - Wed 21st July