Friday Trip to Bike Riding and Climbing


The students worked hard all week and selected a day out rather then sweating it out at the gym, the kids rode their bikes like they were being carried by the wind. Some of the students were on the climbing frame and some even overcame their fear of heights. The day was most enjoyable for the kids and staff (the big kids).


Student Work of the Month


This entry is to celebrate the work of one our students, who using her imagination

and pencil has created a wonderful piece of art.

Through continuous support and hard work with the staff this particular student 

has worked overcome many adversities she has faced. We commend the students work

and are proud to celebrate her individual achievement. 

Staff and Student Football Match


The staff and students enjoyed a "FRIENDLY" football match, the competition was fierce and the tension during the match could be cut with a knife. The students took an early lead, the staff however showed that with age comes experience and cruised to a 3-1 victory. The staff held off a strong early attack by the students  who then ran out of steam towards the middle of the match and staff then dominated the remaining part of the match. The man of the match was Callum James. 


Student Meet and Greet -Marco Antonio Barrera


Students and staff spent the afternoon meeting with boxing legend and former World Champion Marco Antonio Barrera, the atmosphere in the school was electric and students felt privileged to meet the only person to beat Prince Naseem Hamed


The students who are selected at the end of the year to have made the greatest achievements will be taken on a school trip to Shard Fest, chaperoned by members of staff the students will have chance to spend a day or two listening to new and old artists perform music and a have a general day out for all the hard work during school term time. 


Summer Trip to Spain


Blackwater Academy has planned an excursion to historic sites in Spain as part of a wider curriculum for students to understand different cultures and the subtle differences between life in the UK and life in Spain. 

Poland trip to Auschwitz

February 2019

Blackwater Academy made a trip to Auschwitz as part of the history coursework for GCSE. This gave an insight into life for the Jewish people during the Nazi regime.  

kids poland 2.jpg
kids poland.jpg

Results 2020

Blackwater Academy has had an amazing year, below are our results for GCSE, we achieved an 84% pass rate for GCSE for grade 4-9. This has been an amaxing year for Blackwater Academy given the turbulent times we faced during the COVID 19 pandemic.


Of the cohort of year 11 students, 90 percent went onto further education at college.