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Community give back



   As part of giving back to the community, and consolidation of learning of their nutrition module in life skills, selected students travelled to Birmingham to feed the homeless, a student has reported on the day below. 



Our trip to feed the homeless and go to the German Market!

We made cheese/ham/chicken sandwiches and was donated about 21 pairs of thermal cotton socks.

The beginning of our trip we gathered up our belongings and headed up to the bus stop near the gas station. We took bus number 14 which led us to Birmingham town Centre. There were 8 students from Blackwater Academy who went on this fun trip. When we got on the bus we paid and went upstairs on the double decker bus. We talked about things and what our strategy was. We laughed/talked/had fun on the bus. The Bus stopped and we came to our destination by B&M. It took us about 5 minutes to find our first homeless person we gave him the thermal cotton socks and one of the cheese sandwiches that were in there, although we explained to the male that we were from a local school who was handing out stuff to help the homeless who are in need and asked for permission to take a picture with the guy. We then saw some police officers who that told us to go to this on road and there would be alot of homeless people there, however there were only one. Then after we found more homeless people we ran out of sandwiches and thermal cotton socks. We then went to the German Market at last, we bought chocolate crepes which looked good and i bought a rose for my mother. We saw some rides which looked fun. when we were on the bus we were stuck on alum rock road because of traffic and hit a few branches.

Overall, this was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I would love to come again. Thanks to Hollie, Will and Karlos for this trip. This trip was a 9/10.

                                       Written by AZ

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