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Headteacher's message

Welcome to our school

At our school we know that it is the people that matter the most. We know that what we need to create is a climate and a culture that enables everyone to feel happy and safe in an exciting place to learn.

Since becoming the Headteacher at Blackwater Academy myself and my team of staff have worked very hard to develop a new ethos for the school.

Our school has four new core values: Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Teamwork. Every member of our school is expected to try their hardest to carry out these values every minute of every day.

We believe passionately in our students, we know that with the right support here, and at home, they can achieve great things. They have to believe in themselves and strive for success. This includes accepting the need for the highest standards of attendance, behaviour and always being ready to learn. We insist that every member of our school community works as hard as he or she can, without exception.

Our aim here is to provide all our learners with an exciting, bespoke, coherent and inspirational curriculum taught by truly talented, professional and hardworking staff. We wish to create a culture that is inclusive, and where the individual and diverse talents of all our students are nurtured and celebrated.

We want to encourage every member of our school community to develop a love of learning. Our aim will always be to do all we can to enable everyone to reach the highest standards of which they are capable. We are committed to ensuring our students are happy, safe and have clear direction and support.

Self-belief, confidence and being proud of our own achievements are the keys to success. The best academic outcomes always occur where a true partnership has been established between home, school and the young person – all of us working together to strive for the best possible education.

I look forward to working with you.

Mr Kyle Morrison


Values and Ethos






We achieve our vision by:

  • Accurately assessing current learning abilities.

  • Identifying an individual learning pathway, for each student.

  • Securing re-integration, back into mainstream, where possible.

  • Ensuring all pupils make expected or better progress in their chosen pathway across all subjects.

  • Securing a post 16 placement for all students.

  • Supporting our students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs.

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