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Mental Health Student Research

Research the Student found...

Mental Health: Written by SP


Mental health has to do with your psychological well-being. Sometimes your mental health can be low  which can lead to different mood swings. There are many different mental disorders a person can suffer from, for example bipolar. This is when a person

shows abnormal and severe mood swings,thoughts. This also includes ranging from disabling depression to mania. There is no cure for bipolar but there is treatment patients can use to manage this disorder. Another mental disorder a lot of people suffer which they are not aware of is anxiety. This is a generalised disorder where you feel anxious most of the time. Signs to look out for when dealing with someone you believe has anxiety is constant worrying,panic attacks,sense of dread and difficulty concentrating.

If you are trying to help the person I would suggest exercising, therapy or medicines. Finally another common mental disorder a lot of people suffer is depression, this is a low mood that can last for a long period of time. You can tell when someone is depressed is feeling unhappy, hopeless, low self esteem and finding no pleasure in things the person would normally enjoy.



Mental Health: Written by JD

Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological,and social well-being; it affects how we think, feel,and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress. An example of mental illness is anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety is normal. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has not experienced anxiety at some point! Anxiety is a normal and expected part of the human experience. Anxiety is

NOT dangerous. Anxiety does feel highly uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous. Remember, anxiety is there to help and protect us, not harm us. Problems with anxiety are common. You are not alone! What is anxiety? e.g; shortness of breath, feeling nervous, feeling irritable, having difficulty concentrating or focusing, heart beating(or heart 'flutters').

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