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Football match

Match report - Written by a student

Match Report: 01/02/2023

Aston Villa - 4                                         Blackwater Academy - 1


On the 1st of February we played against Aston Villa at the Aston Villa ground. The match was intense and well played by both teams. It was a friendly game with mutual respect on both sides, our players enjoyed themselves and showed a lot of team-work. The first half started off energetic and we warmed into the game quickly. Our 4-3-2 formation was strong and we were able to defend the opposition when they were creating offensive plays. Mid way into the half we conceded a goal from the opposition making the score 1-0. However our captain Ryan was able to keep our spirits up and heads high with his words of encouragement. Minutes later we used team-work and communication to create open space for Ryan, he slid past their defenders with his fast footwork and skills, he slotted it in bottom left corner sending the keeper to the shops. This then made the score 1-1. We played well to not conceded for the rest of the half. At the end of the 1st half the score was 1-1.

Kyle, Lucy and Bilal gave us our props and also gave us constructive criticism in our break. Going into the 2nd half we were geared up and tried to recreate the 1st half. We played well but in the 2nd half the opposition were able to make us concede 3 more goals making the score 4-1. The opposition got the better of us. We stayed positive and were able to stay positive. At the end of the match we shook hands with the opposition, and we gave them their props. We were unlucky but put up a good fight, and the most important thing about the match is that we had fun and enjoyed ourselves.

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